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Vintage Cameo - A Carved Jewels

What Is A Cameo?

Most people connect cameos with the brooch worn during the Edwardian era with a high lace collar. In reality, "cameo" refers to a gem carving or engraving technique that produces a wearable piece of jewelry by raising an image into relief.

Depiction In Cameos

The "anonymous woman" is the cameo that appears most frequently. When seen in profile, her hair and bone structure have changed with time, but overall she still seems the same. The conventional image is portrayed in the cameo habillé with the addition of gemstones, frequently a tiny diamond necklace around her neck. The late nineteenth century saw the emergence of this kind of cameo.

How Did Cameos Gain Popularity?

For visitors to the Pompeii and Herculaneum ruins, cameos made wonderful, transportable mementos. These miniature works of art charmed the tourists' companions when they got home. Italian cameo carvers quickly established businesses in England, France, and America. These artisans produced cameos in the classical styles or any other patterns the client desired. Peabody, the renowned Cameo Portrait Cutter, 140 Chestnut Street, is kept busy working on the pictures of some of our most notable residents, according to a comment in the January 1850 issue of Godey's Magazine.

Buy Cameos For yourself

You can buy the cameo of your choice from a large variety available. Here are some of the cameos that you can purchase and make sure to Clean and Care For Cameo Jewelry

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