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Gemstones Collection at Atwood Jewelers!!!

Gemstones have been part of daily wear jewelry pieces. They are available in various colors and

shapes and are believed to possess unique powers. In the world of fashion jewelry, gemstones

have a unique role to play. Colored stone jewelry is a trend now and women love to accessorize their

daily outfits as well as party dresses with these.

Here, we have created a list of our latest colorful gemstone jewelry pieces that you can pair with any

style. Check out below:


Sapphire is one of the Big three jewelry-colored gemstones—the other two are ruby and emerald. A

durable stone that’s designated as a birthstone for September.

Sapphire is usually referred to as a blue gemstone but surprisingly it comes during a wide selection

of colors and quality variations.


Are you an opal lover? These amazing gemstones are available in many various shapes and sizes. An

Opal’s origin can reveal tons about its quality and value. Opals are designated as a birthstone for

October. Opal has always been related to love and keenness, also as desire and eroticism. It is a seductive

stone that intensifies emotional states and releases inhibitions

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's-eye is a very popular gemstone that displays cat's-eye. Stones with a lightweight honey color

are especially popular. Tiger's-eye is usually used for sculptures and for producing tumbled stones.

Tiger's Eye can also bring good luck to the wearer. Tiger Eye is designated as a birthstone for June.


Tourmalines are available in exciting colors. Tourmaline has one among the color ranges of any gem

species. Some tourmalines also show a cat’s-eye effect called chatoyancy. Tourmaline’s colors have

many different causes. Tourmaline is designated as a birthstone for October.


Ametrine is claimed to be the balance of the properties of amethyst and citrine. As a stone of both

balance and connection, ametrine is believed to alleviate tension, bring serenity and stimulate

creativity, also balance mental stability and self-confidence. Ametrine is designated as a birthstone

for February & November.


Amethyst is the world's most popular purple gem. It’s the purple color sort of quartz that has been

utilized in personal adornment for over 2000 years. Amethyst is a protective stone and is a symbol of

strong relationships and courage. Amethyst is the birthstone of February.


Citrine is a pale yellow to brownish orange sort of quartz. The shortage of eye-visible inclusions

may be a sought-after citrine quality. Yellow, reddish-orange, and brown color zoning highlight this

citrine. Citrine is related to positivity and optimism, which isn’t surprising given its cheerful color.

Citrine is designated as a birthstone for November.

White Topaz

White (or clear) is the most common color of topaz. White Topaz is considered as the semi-precious

gems which are related to venues Topaz gemstones gold or yellow are more abundant and therefore

less valuable than topaz stones with red overtones. As colorless topaz, also known as white topaz, is

naturally abundant, White Topaz is designated as a birthstone for April.

At Atwood, you can find a wide range of varieties, check our store now or visit


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