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An Easy Way To Classify Antique Jewelry

Have you ever looked up at a piece of jewelry and wondered why it's so wonderful, then someone tells you that it's wonderful as well as antique? At this point, you would be confused about how you would regard a particular piece of jewelry as antique and its gem value. So here’s a quick go-through to the same.

Antique Jewelry

How To Regard A Jewelry As Antique?

This is a pretty genuine question that would surely come to your mind when you are looking at jewelry. The jewelry is made up of expensive metals which itself increases its value but its design and time when it was made adds additional value to the particular ornament. So based on the general details, any piece of jewelry which is over 100 years old can be categorized as antique jewelry.

How To Estimate And Identify An Antique Jewelry?

There are various ways to estimate and identify antique jewelry, some of which are listed below.

Gem Cutting Styles

There have been various gem-cutting styles that were dominant in their respective eras and based on these gem-cutting styles the value of the particular gem can be estimated with ease. Some most common gem-cutting styles are rose cut, old mine cut, old European cut, step cut, and much more.

Combination Of Metals

Before Archimedes discovered the law of flotation it was impossible to check the purity of metals but with the introduction of this law, the goldsmiths were limited to a certain selection of metals. Based on the evaluation of these metals used in the production of jewelry the antique value of the ornament is estimated.

Gemological Lab Reports

There are lab reports which allow the evaluation of gemstones along with a team of experts who provide the most suitable pricing for the same. So these reports can serve as a certification for the value of your jewelry.

Based on these methods you would be able to reach the perfect deduction for your jewelry so have a look at your ornaments and get them checked to honor the vintage jewelry.


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