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St. Patrick’s day is around the corner, the first thing to come to our minds is the color green. adorning ourselves with green is the best and the most popular way to publicly commemorate this day.

St Patrick Special

As it is known to everyone that green color is the color of happiness and luck. so, why not add some extra happiness and make ourselves a bit luckier by putting on our green gems and celebrating this big day.

Why do people associate the color green with St. Patrick’s day? St. Patrick was originally associated with blue color but eventually, it got linked with green color when this holiday transformed from being known as a holy day to a day of public festivities when people celebrate Irish heritage. Ireland has always been related to green color because of the lush green landscapes of the country.

Among several traditions that are followed on St. Patrick’s day, the most common one is wearing green color. There is even one custom of affectionately pinching those people who do not follow this trend.

Emerald Jewels

Green is seen everywhere on St. Patrick’s day. So, if you want to avoid getting pinched on this special day, adorn yourself with green and become fortunate on this march 17th.


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