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Diamonds is Promise of Perfection and Purity

The ideal diamond is completely colorless. The diamonds are the most expansive stone. Therefore the diamonds are colorless and still have a slight tone of yellow and brown. However, the difference in grades is minute, and most diamonds are not visible with naked eyes.

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Still, a diamond with a visible tint like K and above is beautiful if it has good clarity and cut. The diamond with N graded has a tint visible to the naked eye, and beyond S, the tint will be more intense. The natural colored diamonds come in all shades and colors. However, the popular types of diamonds are available in colors like pink, yellow, orange, red, and green.

Variety of Diamond

Bypass princess cut ring

A bypass ring is also called a crossover ring, where the band coils around the finger and the end part does not meet to form a closed circle. Its end parts are a coiled band that passes each other on the top of the ring. The style has been quite popular since the Victorian period. The ring possesses elegant swirls and curves. It creates the statement of elegance in any person's finger.

Custom Jewelry Design

Custom jewelry refers to making your customized design that is not available in the market. It is designed specially by the jewelry designer. We will create and design as per customer requirements and needs.

Diamond Halo Accented Ring

The halo setting is a type of small accent stone made of pave diamonds, and it contains large circle stones. The Halo diamond ring is the same as the center stone, or it can be different such as cushion cut halo circling diamond.

Diamond infinity

This kind of diamond symbolizes the eternity ring, and all around, the bandit has a diamond. The ring makes the symbol of a never-ending relationship and commitment. Usually, the ring coveys the symbol of infinity.

Diamond studs

The famous size is one carat of total weight stud earrings with a half-carat diamond set in every earring, not one carat for each stud. The stud consists of one–half carat total weight. The popular choice among people in stud size is round and princess cut.

Huge diamond solitaire

A solitaire diamond is a single diamond, and it is popular because people sometimes like this single stone jewelry. This product has only one gemstone, and most people's preferable choice is the solitaire product rings. It enhances the finger look and also looks royal on the finger.

Prince cut halo engagement ring.

Princess cut halo engagement ring is the most popular style of a combination of striking beauty and delicate femininity.

Ultimately buying a diamond is an enormous investment in itself. So don't go for a huge brand name or what magazines say. Atwood fine jewelry would guide you in buying the best diamond per an individual's need.


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