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Atwood Brooches - A Fairy Godmother

Brooches are an evergreen trend that transcend ages, making them a great gift for jewelry lovers at all stages of life. You can select colors or motifs that truly reflect the personality of the recipient, showing how well you know them and how much you appreciate their unique style. And there’s a brooch for every price point!

From simple and practical to elaborate and eccentric brooches have a potential to inspire many. Brooches are among the few jewelry categories that almost don't have any size limits. The smallest pins on a lapel may be a common thing, but the gigantic brooches seen on the recent fashion shows is a manifestation of the unleashed designer's creativity that really has no limits and can inspire even the ones who's "seen it all".

When it's time to be all glamorous, we look for a designer dress, an exquisite handbag, a knockout clutch, a hot pair of heels or beautiful jewelry. But besides the regular accessories like necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, let's not forget the often overlooked brooch or pin, which can spice up any look from classic to contemporary.


A brooch is like a magic touch from a fairy godmother, it either can make you look stylish or foolish. Make it too large, and people won't notice your face, make it too small and people won't notice any difference if didn't have one. Put a heavy brooch on a thin dress and you're asking for unattractive saggy creases, put an elaborate and colorful-too-much brooch on a formal dress and you'll attract unwelcome attention.

Some Facts on Brooches

  • Brooches come from way back the Bronze Age. During this time, pins were really a popular ornament for clothing. Brooches are then used as an item to fasten their clothing. It was the Byzantines who introduced the colored enamel brooches. It was during the 18th century when brooches held an important role in clothing accessory. By the time of the 19th century, brooches had become a fashion accessory made in different styles to further accentuate women’s style and add versatility to their looks.

  • Brooches can be made with various materials. Examples of these materials are crystals, feathers, plastic stones, sea shells, and pearls. This jewelry item is also metal-based. Silver, bronze, and stainless steel are few examples of the metals used in creating these fashion items. To further enhance the aesthetics of these jewelry items, gemstones, beads, and/or charms are added. The designs of brooches also vary ranging from animal shapes, to flowers, and other symbolic forms.

  • Brooches have been a part of the antique jewelry and are otherwise called vintage brooches due to its link to history. These vintage brooches are very special because their designs have a special relationship with the year/ear in which they have been made.

Brooches have always been an essential part of anyone's wardrobe. Get yourself a good collection and you will be prepared for any occasion. If you don't already own any brooches, it's never late to start one. Every woman should have several brooches to go with different looks, but in any case, at least one for the formal dress and another for casual wear.

Our range of brooches represents a big variety of tastes, styles, colors and prices. Take your time and choose the one that is truly yours and you'll be rewarded with compliments from everyone around you. Shop at our store Atwood Jewelers

Keep in mind that brooches and pins are more noticeable if they contrast with the background. Bright garments ask for black and dark-colored brooches, while silver and diamante brooches will look best on black or dark colored clothes; so if you really want your fashion brooch to stand out - remember this simple rule.


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