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Garnets: The Beauty of Stone

New Year has already commenced, and with our best wishes of your happiness, we bring this month Gem gossip on Garnets that brings hope and joy in your life. The stone is available in multiple colors like yellow, green, and even colorless. But vibrant red color creates a timeless piece of jewelry.

It is also described as fire by a gemologist due to its sparkle feature. The best sparkle can be seen like soft and romantic lighting like candles.

atwood jewelers

Here at Atwood fine jewelry, we have multiple varieties of jewelry that will enhance your look.

Garnet and opal style ring

Opal is said to boost creativity and symbolize fidelity. As an engagement ring, opals rings are the perfect depiction of a unique spark and fire in your relationship. Due to its non – replicable nature is famous for those who need a genuine kind ring.

Garnet Pendant

The garnet is an affordable luxury and fiery red color in huge demand. This gem symbolizes both love and friendship, and that specialty of gem will make considerable gifts for your loved one, friend, or family member.

Garnet rose gold stud

It is said that garnets have healing elements that protect your loved ones. This gem brings peace, balance, energy, and passion to life. Due to that popularity, these garnets studs have retained their popularity from ancient times.

Pearl Shape Garnet ring

The ring consists of a diamond halo in the middle, and this intense red brilliance of is makes the perfect timeless jewelry. The pearl-shaped garnet is alluring and stylish.

With its color varieties, the garnet group of jewelry is the ultimate choice of people. You can also discover your favorite garnet jewelry from Atwood fine jewelry in your budget.


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